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5 surprising restaurants in Tokyo

If you want to dinner somewhere in Tokyo…

If you want to live an experience and have fun at the same time…

You are in the good place!

Check the list below to discover what kind of surprising restaurants Tokyo can offer you and… enjoy!



  • Horror night

For the horror lovers this restaurant is perfect!

When you enter the Alcatraz ER you enter into a medical prison. Your waitresses are zombies’ nurses and they led you until your cell. The decoration is like all is dirty with kind of fingers traces, blood-smeared walls, graffiti etc. It seems to be a disused mental hospital with terrifying cases of insane persons inside! There are red lights and it’s mostly dark. Sometimes scary persons as a psycho clown walk through the hall and try to touch you… be careful and stay into your cell!

Also, while in your jail, to call your waiters and waitresses you have to bang the steel bars of your cell with a metal pipe.

On the menu you will find originals cocktails. Some of them are served in blood bags, others on test tubes or syringes etc ! Also, some cocktails are stirred with… sex toys! The names of the cocktails are for a part quite suggestive (note: you should avoid going there with children).

The cocktails, cause of their original presentation, are looking nice and give you fun memories of the place! One of cocktail is served in a baby bottle and the waitress will give you the drink herself! It’s quite fun! Other attractions get along with other cocktails, so let’s find it out!

Concerning the food, to be honest it is not very tasty but the presentation is very nice. The Alcatraz ER is famous for its atmosphere, animations and crazy cocktails!

In that restaurant, there is also a show! Suddenly the place turn dark and you attendto an evasion! Thrills guaranteed!


Alcatraz ER: location: Shibuya_Tokyo

Website: http://alcatraz-er.net/



  • Robots show!

Why not travel to the future and meet robots? Let’s go to a robot-themed restaurant! This restaurant is like a cabaret in which dancers and robots make the show!

You enter in a room very colourful and shiny! There are around 12 000 bulbs lights. While enjoying your meal you will attend to a big crazy show! In music and with the sound of the taiko (Japanese drums) the dancers appear on a big flashy tank! And because it is not enough a girl enter in scene riding a dinosaur! It is an amazing experience. The motto of this restaurant seems to be: no limit!


Robot restaurant: location: Kabukicho_Tokyo

Website: http://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/



  • Japanese folklore experience.

If you want to experience the Japanese folklore I recommend you the Namahage restaurant. It is an izakaya居酒屋 (Japanese pub in which you can eat and drink.). Namahage is the name of kind of Japanese demon in the ancient Japanese folklore. They have the look of men dressed in masks and capes! Traditionally, Namahage appears on new year eve and come until homes looking for children who had a bad behaviour asking to people “Are naughty kids around?”. Namahage are part of Japanese traditional culture.

In the bar there is Namahage shows to entertain customers! It is fun and will give you a traditional crazy experience. So let’s meet Namahage while drinking a cup of sake from the large choice this izakaya has!


Akita Dining Namahage restaurant: location: Ginza _Tokyo

Website : http://www.akita-namahage.jp/ginza/



  • Pop culture immersion

This is an eccentric place representing by the concept of “swallowing everything around the fashion mecca like a monster”. The decoration is made by Sebastian Masuda who has participated on music videos for the J-pop idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

The place is composed by five rooms with different decoration but the atmosphere is still crazy everywhere! When you enter the Kawaii Monster café you pass through the mouth of a big monster!

It is just the beginning. At the first sight, you see a big colourful cake with animals who seem dancing on the cake! This is the Sweets go round room. In another room named Milk stand some bunnies and unicorns’ heads are feeding by baby milk bottles lights! The Mushroom disco area will make you seat under big colourful mushrooms and flashy candies! There is also the Pink cat room secret plan only accessible for reservation groups during the night.

Concerning the menu, it is colourful and artistic! You can eat rainbow pasta for example! It participates to make your dining unforgettable.

Finally, while enjoying all that pop and glittered little universe of the Kawaii Monster café, you can also admire the Monster Girls! They are the waitresses but also the mascots of the place.

The Monster girls are dressed in a representative Harajuku’s style made by themselves. It is a crazy melting of culture style from all around the world. It contains the trendiest urban cultures in Tokyo. It is for foreign people very eccentric and generally colourful. The same as the interior decoration!

The Kawaii Monster café is the place of lot of events and showcases. You can check the calendar on their website.

Note: This establishment is also a café.


Kawaii Monster Café: location: Harajuku_Tokyo

Website: http://kawaiimonster.jp/



  • Into the wonderland of Alice.

Here you will enter into the fairy world of Alice in wonderland from Lewis Carroll!

The waitresses are dressed in the famous Alice’s blue dress and waiters are dressed like the Mad Hatter or have bunny’s ears!

When you seat in your table, the waitress gives you the menu those are themselves original and fun because they open in different ways and also propose mini animations!

The food is really delicate and sophisticated It seems like you actually are at the tea party of the Mad Hatter! The shape of the food reminds the characters and the symbols of the book.

There is a famous restaurant brand which propose 7 different restaurants (whose five are in Tokyo and one in Osaka and one other in Nagoya). Each of them have their own atmosphere and decoration on the Alice theme.


Alice in a labyrinth: location: Ginza.



In the restaurant named Alice in a labyrinth located in Ginza, the decoration is based on playing cards and there is a big cup of tea in which you can enjoy your dinner!


Alice in a dancing land: location: Shibuya.



In that restaurant, there is a big structure that remind a kiosk or a carrousel. In the walls, pretty illustrations from the book of Lewis Carroll.


Alice in an old castle: location: Ikebukuro.



In the restaurant of Ikebukuro, a human sized card soldier of the kingdom of Heart welcomes you. In the principal space, all gold, there is a big structure with pearls and lights in which you can eat. Two other spaces are available, one red themed and the other blue themed.


Alice in magical land: location: Shinjuku.



In that restaurant based in Shinjuku there is a big red table in heart shape to remind when Alice come to the Heart kingdom. Also to reminds the labyrinth she pass through one space is decorated with bush in the middle which you seat and eat!


Alice in fantasy book: location: Shinjuku.



Finally, you will enjoy the style of this last restaurant also situated in Shinjuku with its beautiful decorated walls and its big old-style chairs.


As you can see all those Alice in wonderland themed restaurants actually makes you feel like you were in the wonderland!

So let’s follow the white rabbit to discover its world!


Alice in wonderland restaurants: location: Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Website: http://www.alice-restaurant.com/

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