A brand new “attraction” made in Japan !

Hirakata Park is an amusement park located in Kansai region, right between Osaka and Kyoto. Even though they have got no huge ambition like Universal Studio Japan or Disney Sea Tokyo in term of number of visitors, they at least know how to treat them well : their brand new idea is to offer visitors the occasion to impress their friends through various scenarios.

The first scenario, presented in the video below, is to protect your girlfriend against thugs. Yes, this is exactly what you think : some actors dressed as thugs will assault you on command in front of your girlfriend, and of course let you fend them off.

You can choose between four plans :

絡まれて退治コース (Save her from a quarrel plan) : A group of thugs picks a fight with your beloved one, and you rescue her from them ! (plan special couples !)

バクダン処理コース (Deal with a bomb plan) : A bomb is about to explode and only you can defuse it !

体入れ替わりコース (Body switch plan) : Bumping into someone from the opposite sex… And you are in the body of this stranger ! Could it be the beginning of love ?

奇跡の血液型コース (Miracle matching blood plan) : In a situation where even doctors had given up, a miracle is about to happen !

Rather than being taken really seriously, this masquerade is aimed at creating some more animation in the park, and let the visitor become the hero and be at the centre of attention for a short but delicious moment.

If you want to experience some crazy and original adventure or just want to enjoy the show, be sure to be in Japan between the 13th of May and the end of June !

This animation is held only on weekends from 1 p.m. until closure of the park.


More info (in Japanese) :


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