About us

About us

About Japan Community

Our community network is all about Japan! Vibrant and lively, the Japan Community’s website and forum are dedicated to all foreigner Japan lovers. Dealing with many aspects of Japanese everyday life, Japan Community is the essential partner for travelers and expatriates.

Our purpose: being Japan ambassador overseas

Japan Community is made by and for Japan lovers. By delivering global and specifics reliable news and informations about the country, its charms, traditions, culture and lifestyle, our editorial team aims to display an accurate, dynamic and positive image of Japan and Japanese people.
As foreigners ourselves, we want to help people getting better knowledge and understanding of the Japanese everyday life. We want to make Japan and the many faces of Japanese culture within the reach of as many people as possible.

Our tools: an international editorial team and a wide partners network

Wether they are based in Japan, France or all over Europe, our journalists’ years-long living experiences in Japan and real love for it are our best arguments. Mastering, japanese, english and french, they can also gather informations from all around the planet and spread it to the world wide web!
Created and edited by Bmedia, a multi-skilled marketing mix agency, Japan Community takes naturally advantage of all its intern services (international trade, marketing and communications advices, graphic and web design, photo and motions graphics, etc.) and commercial partners : international brands, media groups, broadcasting networks.

Our force: gathering three websites in one lively database

By gathering at the same time a news website (current events, culture, economy, politics, society, sports, funny facts…), a community space (forum, Japan related events, members interviews…) and a frequently updated information database about Japan (complete guides for travelers and expatriates, testimonies, advices and more), Japan Community is a convenient and entertaining place where different kinds of publics can meet and share.
With new and original contents added on weekly  bases, we keep our audience well-advised and posted!