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A job but also a lifestyle : Japanese NUMBER ONE Kyabajos expose their daily lives on youtube!

KYABAJO ? «Kyabajo» キ ャ バ 嬢 is a Japanese term that means «hostess/ bar girl». Beware it's not like prostitution (they don't have sex...

Aggretsuko : the Cute and Death Metal Anime

Aggrestuko or Aggressive Retsuko of its original name is a musical animation series produced by the TBS channel in 2016 and broadcast on Netflix at 2018, based on the...

Train in Japan ! A very different experience

Japan had the world's fastest train record (the SCMaglev, capable of exceeding 600 km/h), but now they also have the most expensive train in...

The Kitkat Madness in Japan

Did you know that more than 300 Special Kit Kats exist?! Belong to the experience, be the next one! Japan doesn’t finish to surprise the...

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