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Did you know that more than 300 Special Kit Kats exist?! Belong to the experience, be the next one!

Japan doesn’t finish to surprise the rest of the world. More than 300 differents KitKats with wonderful flavours are available!

Yes absolutely WON-DER-FUL!

Discover our selection!

Kit Kat Crazyhouse

The seasoning looks positively weird, mostly with salty ingredients which are highly unlikely. For several Kit Kats, the wedding between the sugar and the salt is a real deal that Nestle perfected here in Japan.

People used to make their dessert with a special Kit Kat, mainly after lunching!


How about the different designs?

Kit Kat Classic

Classic version in standard or mini size! Practical!


 Kit Kat Sandwich

Are you hungry? Kit Kat sandwich will provide you three beautiful minutes, discovering incredible and unimaginable tastes!


Bakeable Kit Kat

New! Bakeable Kit Kat for the most resources amateurs of fondant chocolate.


Train Kit Kat

Cool version dedicated for travelers or kids! Cute train, isn’t it?! In 2014, it was possible for Japanese to pay their ticket with this, thanks to a partnership. Not available today but possible later… to be followed!


Kit Kat Sushi

Don’t wonder whether it’s true or not because it’s real, and… great!

Launched for a few days but in Limited Edition in 2016, Nestlé repeated this operation in February 2017. Maybe a future big project at Kit Kat’s laboratories!



Regional Kit Kats                                                                                                       

There are also Regional Kit Kats that can be found on specific zones! Each specialty is represented by each region (or city) which appropriates the flavor.

For people who would like to cross Japan for a ride, it’s time to taste these regional jewelries!


Have a look on which products are sold and where!


Shinshu Apple – SHINSHU

Located in the center of the Nippon’ country, Shinshu is considered by locals as a paradise with its high-quality water where apples grow carefully. They are called the “Shinshu Apples.” Fresh and natural, apples are gently perfumed in milk chocolate.

Momiji Manju – HIROSHIMA

Momiji Manju are traditional cakes which come straight of Hiroshima! That can be found uniquely on Spring and are mainly appreciated by kids. To illustrate this, the surface of the buns is decorated with an autumn leaf. Special design dedicated to this product. Taste the perfect balance between red bean flavor and chocolate.

Kobe Pudding – KOBE

This beautiful Kit Kat from Kansaï is topped off fruity taste of Kobe Pudding. It’s a must!

Rum Raisin – TOKYO

Cookies are thoroughly prepared with rum raisin chocolate for an awesome result.

From Tokyo


Strawberry Cheesecake – YOKOHAMA

Strawberry cream delicately mixed with a white chocolate. The cheese flavor sounds pretty well! It’s a risk that Nestle assumed and led with success.



Extracted in Shizuoka, the wedding between the “Japanese mustard” and the white chocolate is enjoying! Note that it’s a light version to permit to all of you to belong to this experience! Huge YES for the Wasabi Kit Kat.


Macha-Green Tea – KYOTO

Now, let’s go to the real Japan to reach Kyoto. With temples and gardens, the matcha tea is a symbol in the region and the whole country. You can’t visit Japan without sharing this pleasure moment with your relatives. We need you to taste this matcha flavor. Beware to not falling in love with this delicious Kit Kat.

Amaou Strawberry – KYUSHU

Amaou is a very famous type of strawberry in Fukuoka. It is well-formed, round and tasty. Associated with white chocolate, it melts in the mouth.


Purple Sweet Potato – OKINAWA

“Purple Yams” look smart with their magnificent color. They are from Kyushu! You have to interest in this version… just exquisite!



Red Bean Sandwich – TOKAI-HOKURIKU

Roasted Tea – KYOTO

Cinnamon Cookie – KYOTO

Citrus Golden Blend – CHUGOKU-SHIKOKU

Soybean TOHOKU

Le Lectier Pear NIIGATA

Blueberry Cheesecake – JOESTU-KOUSHINSETSU

Hot Japanese Chili – SHINSHU

Black honey/syrup – TOKYO


Where are these Kit Kats ?


On the Nippon’s ground : pharmacies, candy shops, convenience stores, sweet shops and airports.

Kit Kat Chocolatories offers only the Sublime’s Collection.




  • on hellojapan, well-known in Tokyo and Osaka with locals which sends the most various Kit Kats and owns services dedicated at each continent. We recommend you to use this website as a priority to get coupons!


  • on myjapanbox which proposes a Kit Kat Box full of flavors! You have the choice between a monthly subscription (without commitment) and a One Time Box for a trial! The both gathers special tastes to be shared with your relatives! Be the next one to get your monthly pleasure directly at home!



There are also Kit Kats on Ebay & Amazon!

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