Fore more than 20 years, in June, Los Angeles welcomes videogames professionals from all over the world. This year, among the large bundle of big announcements, plenty of Japanese games aroused surprise and joy. Let’s make a recap.





A few days before the kick-off, everybody made his bets. Surprises? No way! The hard-gamers built their theories to anticipate the secret plans of the big actors of this new E3. Thus, some discerning fans found a clue of an eventual new episode of Capcom’s action-RPG series Monster Hunter before the beginning of the event. Bingo! During the Sony conference of the 13th June, the big Japanese editor revealed Monster Hunter World, which is expected to be the most ambitious episode of the series. It will be available the next year on PS4 and Xbox One first, and then on PC.



「Monster Hunter: World Announcement Trailer」の画像検索結果


During the conference, on the 11th June, Microsoft had what could be the ultimate Dragon Ball fighting game on hand: Dragon Ball FighterZ, from the Japanese developer Arc System Works and for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Nobody should have been informed of this new project before this official announcement. But in fact, everybody was. A wrong sending – the 6th instead of the 12th June – of a press release of Bandai Namco is to blame. Nevertheless the conference offered some gorgeous game footage to the audience, allowing them to see how close the graphics were to the drawings of the manga. It is supposed to be release in beginning of the next year.



「DRAGON BALL FighterZ - E3 2017 Trailer | XB1, PS4, PC」の画像検索結果


However, Nintendo succeeded at keeping a big secret. In a video called Spotlight broadcasted instead of a real live-conference on the 15th June, the aim was to hit straight in the heart of the Nintendo-lovers; the very example of this was a short teaser announcing the never-dreamed Metroid Prime 4 on the brand-new Nintendo Switch. No release date, no game footages and no cinematic, but the only appearance of the title on the screen was enough to provoke a worldwide burst of enthusiasm.


「Metroid Prime 4 - First Look - Nintendo E3 201」の画像検索結果


At last but not least, Sony had also a pretty gift for the nostalgic gamers: a remake for PS4 of the fantasy masterpiece Shadow of The Colossus, from Team Ico. Initially released in 2005 on PS2, this adventure game full of poetry and titanic battles will be totally modernized for 2018. According to Sony, it will not be a mere porting as it was in 2011 for its PS3 version, but a real graphic rebirth. Another Japanese well-kept surprise, shining among the constant flow of announcements and news…



「Shadow of the Colossus - PS4 Trailer | E3 2017」の画像検索結果

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