The demand for Japan’s exotic Kit Kat’s is so high, Nestle has built a new manufacturing plant based in Japan in hopes to meet growing demand! Nestle Japan started operating their second factory in the western city of Himeji from August 2017 dedicated to making upscale, pricier versions of the snack. Wasabi, green tea and […]

In Japan, you can find almost anything in vending machine: from onigiri to soda cans. But, this thing is absolutely brilliant: a vending machine restaurant. Located in Isesaki City in Gunma prefecture, about an hour and half drive from Tokyo, Jihanki Shokuda (or Automat Diner in English) serves the food without staffs at all. It […]

Big strawberry? It’s usual. Big white strawberry? That’s a thing! This strawberry called White Jewel (or Shiroi Houseki), one of the rarest and most expensive in the world. It was created in 2013 by a farmer Yasuhito Teshima in his farm in Saga Prefecture. Teshima said that he spent years cross-breeding different types of strawberries […]

If you want to dinner somewhere in Tokyo… If you want to live an experience and have fun at the same time… You are in the good place! Check the list below to discover what kind of surprising restaurants Tokyo can offer you and… enjoy!     Horror night For the horror lovers this restaurant […]

Japan’s traditional city of Kyoto has a lot of things to offer, from beautiful view to historic sites. Now, it has one more things that will make you want to come to Kyoto: Starbucks coffee shop with tatami rooms. Opened in the end of June 2017, this starbucks is built in a two-story Japanese home. […]

Japan doesn’t finish to surprise the rest of the world. More than 300 differents KitKats with wonderful flavours are available! Yes absolutely WON-DER-FUL! Discover our selection! The seasoning looks positively weird, mostly with salty ingredients which are highly unlikely. For several Kit Kats, the wedding between the sugar and the salt is a real deal […]

  You are travelling in Japan and you need a break during the long afternoon? The cafés in Japan can offer you the break you need but also give you a great experience in one of those unique fancy cafés! The decoration of the café will be elaborate and the presentation of the food very […]