A guide to stationery in Japan

Japan has an impressive quantity of stationery. Their quality and their design make it the perfect souvenir to bring home from the land of the rising sun! Here is the basic list of stationary products that can be purchased in Japan.

 A) To write

  • Pencils

The pencil 8900 is representative of Japanese’s quality product. Released in 1945, this pencil is perfect for drawing. The density ranks in two types : 2H (the lightest) et 2B (the lightest). According to your purpose, you can select the light black or pitch-black pencils.

  • Self-custom- made pens

Typical customizable multicolored pen. The body and the refills are sold separately and it is possible to customize them. With this system, you can create the pen of your dreams.


  • Mechanical Pencil

Kuru toga (Mitsubishi pencil): this mechanical pencil It has a simple mechanism that delivers lead as you write so you do not have to push it out by yourself.

Platinum: this pencil has a sophisticated design. It is very suitable for people who want a pen that looks professional.

  • Highlighter

Unlike western highlighter, japanese highlights have less concentrated inks, for a less flashy highlighting and an easy reading. Some brands propose some useful highlighters like Kokuyo with his Beetle Tip Dual Color (a two-headed highlighter with a beetle’s horn form to use two different colors easily) the Frixion Highlighter (with an ink which can be erase thanks to the frictional heat of the rubber tail)

B) To Cut & Paste


  • Scissors

According to your needs you can find scissors of different shapes: For example, the Swingcut is a scissor with characteristic asymmetrical shape which fits the hand perfectly and makes it possible to cut smoothly with relatively small power. On the contrary, you can find folding scissors like pen style scissors, which can be folded into to compact sticks and don’t take too much place on the pencil case!

  • Tape paste

Dotliner: This tape paste can paste paper neatly and cleanly without making wrinkles. Cartridges are sold separately, so it is important to get them for a refill.    

C) To Erase

  • Eraser

Erasers can have a conventional, innovative or customized shapes. The most well-known is the eraser Mono.

The standard eraser was released in 1969 and is available in different sizes. Currently Japan has a multitude of erasers with drawings of you favorite characters.

  • Correction Tape

The correction tape can have different shapes: a specific shape to fit to the hand movement or in the form of a pen with an eraser on the tail


D)To Note

  • Sticky Notes

Used as a memo or to deliver a message to other people, Sticky Notes are often decorated with cute illustrations.

  • Notes books

The quality of the paper depends on the price. Standard notebooks sometimes have dots and lines to facilitate the writing and drawing. Some costlier notebooks have a high-quality paper (silk sensation) conceived to give a comfortable support to the user.

E) To Arrange

  • Folders

With a rich variation of sizes and colors the folders are perfect to avoid damaging your files. The brand Novita released folders with spines adjustable to match your usage.

  • Pencil Case

The pencil case is the essential element to stock all stationary pieces. The smallest are made to stock only pens but the biggest can storage elements.

F) Here are the best-known stationeries Shops in Japan:

  • LoFt
  • Tokyu Hands
  • Ito-ya
  • Mujirushi-ryohin (Muji)
  • Sekaido
  • Shimojima
  • Kakimori
  • Kyukyokudo


You can’t buy this type of stationery products in your country? Find them on with other goodies and Japanese products !

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