You are travelling in Japan and you need a break during the long afternoon? The cafés in Japan can offer you the break you need but also give you a great experience in one of those unique fancy cafés!

The decoration of the café will be elaborate and the presentation of the food very beautiful and fitting well with the theme.

So check the list below to choose the café you want to try!



  • Animal cafés

In Japanese metropoles people generally live in small flat, by this way it is hard for them to adopt a pet. But Japanese people like animals, mostly little cute ones, so they have found a solution… Open cafes in which you can pet cute animals while drinking a cup of tea! You can also read one of the books generally presents there but there is more chance you will spend time taking pictures and pet animals!

There is various kind of animal café. The most famous of all is the cat cafés! Neko cafés 猫カフェ in Japanese.


-cat cafés:

You can find a lot of cat cafe everywhere in Japan in big cities. Lot of young girls go there to enjoy their afternoon petting and playing with cute kitties while having a drink and some sweet with their friends.

Generally, cakes and sweets you will eat are made in the shape of cats or at least with a decoration representing a cat. Sweets in Japan are always very well made and very beautiful to watch!

The most beautiful cat café is Temari no ouchi. When others cat cafés are not decorated and just look like normal flat, here the decoration is like a calm forest with trees.

Temari no ouchi café: location: Tokyo

Website :



-Others animal cafés:

In urban areas Japanese people barely or never see in real animals who live in the nature and not in cities as owls and hedgehog, so it’s very attractive for them to have the opportunity to see that kind of wild animals. And in those cafes, at the opposite of zoos, you can be very close to them, and even pet them. It is a very impressive experience.

Of course some people who love animals will have the struggle. Hesitating between go to those cafés to see cute animals or refuse to go to them because they would prefer to see those animals free… It is your choice but here I will just make a list of the kind of animal cafés that exist in Japan.


The same way as cat cafés it exists dogs and bunny cafés.


But even more surprising in Japan you can also find cafés with wild animals as:

Parrot cafés, farming animals cafés (with goats for example), snake cafés, owl cafés, tarantula cafés, penguin cafés, iguanas and chameleon cafés etc…

Birds café : Torinoiru café: location : Tokyo

Website :



  • Butler cafés

It is a café generally for “ladies”. In this café you will find all the gallantry you will never find somewhere else! When you enter in it, an awesome young boy, with suits and white towel in his arm, will guide you to your table and help you personally to install on your chair. This is your butler.

Here you are a princess and your charming butler will do his best to make you enjoy you time, giving you some delicate sweets and tea. Your butler is very polite and call you “lady”. When you need to order something or to ask something to your butler you will just need to ring the little bell in your table and he will quickly come for you. Even if you want to go to the toilets, your butler will come to escort you to the bathroom.

Swallowtail butler café: Location: Ikebukuro_Tokyo




  • Maid cafés

-Cute maid cafés:

Maid cafés in Japan are quite popular and even if they are for men at the beginning now everybody go to that kind of café. It is because it is very cute and friendly. As in butler cafés the maid is here for you and call you “master”. That kind of cafés are becoming very popular to foreign people who want to live a unique Japanese experience. It is a good place to go to enter in the Japanese world of cute maids who seem are born from a manga book! There are different ambiance rooms for all likes.

One of the most famous is @home maid in Akihabara.

Generally, you can play with the maid at little (childish) games, or take pictures with them (not for free though).

Also, some of them as the Maidreamin café propose some show in which the maids sing and dance.

@home maid café : location: Akihabara_Tokyo



Maidremin café: location: Tokyo




-Classic maid cafés:

For people who prefer classier and less pinkie cafés you can also find some maid cafés like that. For example, the Schatzkiste café is decorate in an old classic theme but there is still nice maids.

This café is also a library for enjoy your afternoon in a calm and peace atmosphere, drinking and reading.

Schatzkiste café : location: Chiyoda_Tokyo




-Themed maid cafés:

Finally, there is some other maid cafés by theme, for example school theme. With a decoration of a Japanese classroom, with black board, desk etc… The maids there are in school uniforms (Not the officials’ ones in fact!). It is fun and a good experience also for foreign people. One of them is named Highschool cafe bar.

Highschool café bar: location: Tokyo




  • Idol cafés

Some cafés are dedicated to famous idols or bands, for example the AKB48 café.

In that café you can enjoy a drink alongside AKB48 videos, pictures, and songs. All the menu is made from the personal tastes of the members. On the website of the café it is said that “you can gain a precious glimpse of the AKB48 world while enjoying relaxed conversation with family or friends. »

There is also a big café-theatre with a big 136-inch monitor screen!

Finally before you go, you can do some shopping in the shop dedicated to the girl band.

AKB48 céfé: location: Akihabara_Tokyo




  • Manga cafés and characters themed cafés

-Gundam café:

This café is of course dedicated to fan of the Gundam world! The principal room are designed as an operation base, futuristic with some neons. Of course all the meal are decorated in Gundam characters’ shape.

Gundam café: location: Akihabara_Tokyo




-One Piece café:

For all the famous manga One Piece’s fans this is the place to go! The café and the bar take place in the Tokyo One Piece Tower park. There is a lot of attractions into the park but concerning the café you will be able to eat some nice sweets reading a book because the café is also a big library with One Piece themed books. So have a break and enjoy a new adventure with Luffy!

Mugiwara café: location: Tokyo One Piece Tower Park_Tokyo




-Hello kitty café:

Of course the famous Japanese character Hello Kitty has her cafés! You will be able to enter in the cute world of the kitty to have a break eating some cute Hello Kitty’s shape sweets.

Café de Miki with Hello Kitty: location: Tokyo




-Pompompurin café:

The nice golden retriever Pompompurin has his own café in which you can take picture in front of his statue before enjoying a big ice cream!

Pompompurin café: location: Tokyo



Some cafés in Japan are dedicated to non-Japanese characters also as Snoopy or Moomin.


-Moomin café:

The Finnish characters Moomins are very famous in Asia so two cafés in Tokyo and one in Fukuoka are naturally dedicated to them. It is lovely places with some Moomins seated in the chairs! Here also the food is very well presented and delicious!


Moomin café: location : Tokyo Sky Tree_Tokyo

Website :


Moomin café: location : Tokyo Dome_ Tokyo

Website :



-Peanuts café:

Here you can enjoy a break and visit the shop dedicated to the famous comic strip character: Snoopy !

Peanuts café : location: Tokyo




  • Vampire café

The Vampire café in Ginza is very well decorated, in a gothic style with black, red and gold. The waiter and all the waitresses are very nice and very well dressed. The atmosphere is really like in a vampire movie with a big black coffin at the enter! In that café too, food will be presented in the shape of the theme, for example in coffin or spider shape!

Vampire café: location: Ginza_Tokyo




  • Kawaii cafés

Some cafés are not dedicated on a particular person or thing, there are just very cute. For example, the decoration theme can be strawberry or biscuit. The Q-pot café offer some different nice rooms, very sweet and well decorated. As you can see the sweets are very delicate and a special care is given to the presentation.

Q-pot café : location: Tokyo




  • Train café

Japanese people really like trains from the old ones to the recent ones (the quicker train in the world: the Shinkansen!).

In that way, it exists some train themed cafés! In the little TGV café you will seat on train chairs. The waitresses are dressed in blue uniforms and give you meals that are in train shape or on train plate!

Little TGV café: location: Akihabara_Tokyo




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