Japan always has something unique to offer! This time is Rice Paddy Art, a paddy field planted by various type and color of rice to create a giant picture.

It began in 1993, when people of Inakadate, Aomori were looking for a way to revitalize their village. They have a massive amount of farmland, which is half of the village, and they want to attract tourist by creating Rice Paddy Art. At first, it started with simple patterns and images but the patterns have become far more complicated over the years.

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sinn/

In the last 20 years, the artists recreated classic art pieces such as Mona Lisa and Hokusai Katsushika’s Ukiyo-E and also draw some popular figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon and Japanese warriors. They used four different types of heirloom and modern strains of rice to create a giant picture in the field.  It is naturally grow in different colors without any artificially colorant.

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Photo: www.wagashi.fr

To allow viewing the whole picture, a mock castle tower 22 meters high was erected at the village office. Today, more than 350.000 people per year visited the village to see the art. Following the success of Inakadate, other villages and towns have started making their own rice paddy art and there are more than 100 spots that you can enjoy in Japan these days.

The visitors can see rice paddy art from around June to October, but the best season to view the colors at their most vivid is July to August.

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