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Jihanki Shokudo: Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant

In Japan, you can find almost anything in vending machine: from onigiri to soda cans. But, this thing is absolutely brilliant: a vending machine restaurant. Located in Isesaki City in Gunma prefecture, about an hour and half drive from Tokyo, Jihanki Shokuda (or Automat Diner in English) serves the food without staffs at all. It only has some vending machines offer various foods including hamburgers, ramen and toast. And it is not a usual food, for example, you can order ramen with barbecued pork on top or a burger with a sesame-mayonnaise sauce.


Photo: http://jihanki.michikusa.jp

One of the popular dishes in this restaurant is tar tar meat sauce burger (300 yen). Even though it is from vending machine, it is very tasty. The ramen and udon, costs 330 yen in average and the Italian toast coasts 250 yen. Whereas, you have to pay 100 yen for a small glass bottles of soda. Not expensive at all!

It is functioned very simple, you just put the money, press the button and the food will come. Be careful because it is hot!


Photo: jpninfo.com

Although there is no staff in the restaurant, Jihanki Shokudo is very clean. The customers are cleaning up after themselves. How if there is any trouble with the machine? There is a phone number of the owner and he will come as fast as possible to fix it. What a service!

Not only the food, the restaurant also has a game corner featuring arcade games from the time period that cost just 10 yen to play.


Photo: twitter @jihanki_lunch


Automat Diner (Jihanki Shokudo)

Address: 293-2 Tomizuka-cho, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture

Opening hours: 9.30 AM to 12.00 PM

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