Japan Expo welcomes a new video game guest, creator of the famous Crazy Taxi: Kenji KANNO is SEGA’s guest, for panels and signings!



In 2000, in the Dreamcast game catalog, there was a peculiar game, come from arcade: Crazy Taxi.

Some 15 years later, the series still exist and is one of SEGA’s emblematic series. As a brand new episode is about to be released soon for mobiles, Kenji KANNO, the series creator, is at Japan Expo to go back over the genesis of the saga and its development. He’s illustrating the presentation with many anecdotes and exclusive documents.

The conference will be held on Thursday, July 3 at 1.30 pm and on Friday, July 4 at 2.00 pm on the video game stage. They will both be followed by a Q&A session, a Crazy Taxi competition with the original Dreamcast game between Kenji KANNO and fans chosen in the audience, and right after, by signing sessions.

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