This bar opened in 2010, near the site of the Honno-ji Incident. The highlight of this bar is that the bartender is actually a chief priest with a quiet, gentle personality, and every day he gives a sermon at this bar. Many people go to speak with him about their problems. He’ll also talk to […]

Kyoto University is a prestigious university in Japan. It’s been a setting in manga and movies a lot lately, so the look of the campus itself has gained popularity as well. Among the popular spots is the clock tower, which was erected as the symbol of the university in 1925. In front of it is […]

This is the head temple of the Japanese zen, Shokoku-ji sect temples. Since it’s in a quiet residential area away from the downtown, you can take your time to visit. It’s especially famous for the “crying dragon” that is on the ceiling of the temple’s lecture hall. It is said that if you clap your […]

Minokichi is a restaurant that is considered one part of the cornerstone of Kyoto’s traditional food culture. It flourished in the Edo period as a restaurant specializing in freshwater fish cuisine, and was reborn into a residence prominent figure in Sukiya style, tea-ceremony arbor style. They added the name “Takeshigero” with the meaning “we will […]

Maruyama Park is the oldest park in Kyoto, and spans 87,000 square meters and holds around 680 cherry blossom trees. In the center of the park is a huge weeping cherry blossom tree, so every year the park is crowded with people going for cherry blossom viewing. Many events such as college freshmen welcome parties […]

Minami-za is a theater that has been open since the Edo period (1603-1868), and the building retains the facade as it was. The building is actually registered as one of the country’s tangible cultural properties. They hold a wide variety of events, from kabuki performances to concerts, so if there’s anything on their schedule that […]

Located near Kennin Temple, this is a hall where geiko (young geisha) and maiko (apprentice geisha) have practices and  rehearsals. Every spring they hold a large performance called “Miyako-odori,” a dance performance that has been going on for 140 years. The gorgeous and luxurious stage art, expressing the landscapes of Kyoto is one of the […]

This cafe is a renovated bathhouse from the Taisho period. The bath tiles, mirrors, and shoe boxes were all left as they were, giving the place a nostalgic feel. The most popular items on the menu are the deluxe pancakes and the European-inspired curry. They also sell karinto (a type of fried dough snack) and […]

Near the intersection between Shinbashi-dori and Shirakawa-minami-dori is a famous photo spot called “the most picturesque place in Gion.” The red-lacquered pillars and stone pavings next to the clear stream of the river creates a very Kyoto-like scenery with many people wearing a kimono. Especially in the spring, when the cherry blossoms bloom, it is […]

This shop has been in Kyoto for 900 years and sells fragrances, art supplies and goods made of washi paper. Also, there are a wide variety of picture postcards and envelopes. Lately, aromatherapy candles and oils have been very popular along women. There are also many products made in collaboration with famous Kyoto brands. How about […]

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