If you happened to be in Tokyo from August 9th to 17th, don’t miss this interesting event, Monozukuri/Takumi no Waza Expo 2017. This event features traditional craftsmanship, which has played an important part in the development of Japan, and also showcases the wonders of cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

You can see and experience first-hand excellent craftsmanship in the fields of clothing (i), food (shoku), living (ju) and manufacturing (kou). After seeing how to make it, then you can create it by yourself. You can create kumiko woodwork, mud balls, vegetable carving and many more.


Photo: www.timeout.com

Besides, you can also watch spinning top tournament and traditional Japanese architecture. Local governments from all over Japan will bring their time-honored crafts, such as Tsugaru Kokeshi doll, Inami wood carving and Nishijin-ori textile.

The entrance fee is free, but the material fee is required depending on your preferred hands-on activities.

For more information, visit this website.


Venue: Tokyo International Forum (Hall E and Lobby Gallery)

Date and time: August 9th to 11th, 2017 from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM (except August 11th, until 4.00 PM)



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