The demand for Japan’s exotic Kit Kat’s is so high, Nestle has built a new manufacturing plant based in Japan in hopes to meet growing demand! Nestle Japan started operating their second factory in the western city of Himeji from August 2017 dedicated to making upscale, pricier versions of the snack.

Wasabi, green tea and sake aren’t just foods in Japan, they’re also a few of the many versions of Kit Kats offered in the country. The regular announcements of new exclusive flavours have made Japan the must go to destination to buy and taste new variants of Kit Kats, especially when each major city in Japan have their own local flavour Kit Kats.

Matt Borscak, a backpacker 34 said: “We have Kit Kat back in Germany, but it’s not the same. The cultural touch makes it interesting. I bought a few packs of the wasabi ones, and I can’t wait to shock my friends”

A popular destination for Kit Kat fanatics is the Kit Kat Chocolatory in an underground shopping centre connected to Tokyo Station. There, Nestle sells high-end flavours that can cost over 1,500 yen per box. Boxes complete with gourmet seasonal flavours like; raspberry and grapefruit with some costing as much as 3,500 yen, or potentially more than 10 times the cost of a regular bag of Kit Kats. That’s not the only popular location, Nestle Japan also re-opened its newly renovated Chocolatory flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo’s main shopping district.

Takuya Hiramatsu, a spokesman for Nestle Japan said in a telephone interview; “Matcha is a favourite of tourists and locals alike, with visitors also buying up flavours like wasabi, sake and purple yam”.

Kit Kat chocolates are an enduringly popular snack in North America and Europe. However Japanese consumers embraced it as part of their culture because the product’s name sounds like “kitto katsu,” which means; “sure win” in Japanese. That has made them a popular gift for people about to sit for an examination or take on an important project. Packages adorned with phrases like “Do Your Best!” and “Believe in Yourself!” are popular during the school entrance exam season.

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