1. Nanzen Temple’s Suirokaku Aqueduct [Sightseeing Spots] (Photo by www.japan-talk.com) Nanzen Temple is the head temple of the southern faction of the Rinzai school of Buddhism. With its large triple gate welcoming worshippers and its splendid temple building, it’s one  of the many temples in Kyoto filled with modest charm. Its biggest charm is the Suirokaku […]

If you happened to be in Tokyo from August 9th to 17th, don’t miss this interesting event, Monozukuri/Takumi no Waza Expo 2017. This event features traditional craftsmanship, which has played an important part in the development of Japan, and also showcases the wonders of cutting-edge manufacturing technology. You can see and experience first-hand excellent craftsmanship […]

Held from August 11th to 13th 2017 in Tokyo Big Sight, Comiket (or Comic Market) is a bi-annual comic market and one of Japan’s biggest comic-related events. This event is focused on dojinshi, a self-published manga. The visitors can buy wide range of genres of manga from thousands of amateur and professional manga artists in […]

If you want to dinner somewhere in Tokyo… If you want to live an experience and have fun at the same time… You are in the good place! Check the list below to discover what kind of surprising restaurants Tokyo can offer you and… enjoy!     Horror night For the horror lovers this restaurant […]

Japan had the world’s fastest train record (the SCMaglev, capable of exceeding 600 km/h), but now they also have the most expensive train in the world!     The train of the East Japan Railway Company, the Shiki-Shima was recently inaugurated. On the luxurious menu: Red carpet at the entrance. Only 33 passengers on board. […]

Japan doesn’t finish to surprise the rest of the world. More than 300 differents KitKats with wonderful flavours are available! Yes absolutely WON-DER-FUL! Discover our selection! The seasoning looks positively weird, mostly with salty ingredients which are highly unlikely. For several Kit Kats, the wedding between the sugar and the salt is a real deal […]

  You are travelling in Japan and you need a break during the long afternoon? The cafés in Japan can offer you the break you need but also give you a great experience in one of those unique fancy cafés! The decoration of the café will be elaborate and the presentation of the food very […]

  Fore more than 20 years, in June, Los Angeles welcomes videogames professionals from all over the world. This year, among the large bundle of big announcements, plenty of Japanese games aroused surprise and joy. Let’s make a recap.         A few days before the kick-off, everybody made his bets. Surprises? No […]

Japan has an impressive quantity of stationery. Their quality and their design make it the perfect souvenir to bring home from the land of the rising sun! Here is the basic list of stationary products that can be purchased in Japan.  A) To write Pencils The pencil 8900 is representative of Japanese’s quality product. Released in 1945, this […]