From 14 to 16 June 2016, in Los Angeles Convention Center, will run the “Electronic Entertainment Expo” known as “E3 Expo”. Since 1995 and its first edition, E3 is the most important meeting place for fans of video games. This professional event for video game is expected and visited by almost 50,000 visitors each year. During this exhibition publishers and manufacturers reveal their future projects. This year’s festivities will begin on 12 June, with the first conferences, get ready!

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According to the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), there are 66 new companies that will be present at E3 for this new edition.

This considerable number shows once again that E3 is a major event for companies in this sector. We also learn that part of the show will be mainly dedicated to mobile, with 90 exhibitors compare to 70 last year. It highlights this promising market.

Virtual reality is also well represented with 53 exhibitors offering deals on RVs.

It’s finally 2,000 products which will be presented and that 130 will start in the first week of E3 in all genres (consoles, PC games, RVs, mobile …)

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This is a great tradition of E3, the traditional conferences, a day or two just before the show opens. It’s during these conferences that future consoles big announcements and presentations are made.

Paris Games Week presents E3 publishers live conferences:

Please use #BE3 to interact during live conference on social networks.


MICROSOFT: Monday, June 13 at 18:00:

All the news from Ubisoft at E3 will be available including:

Twitter with the hashtag #UbiE3

Twitch from Thursday, June 14 at 12:00 local time to attend the conference and news stand

YouTube to find all the trailers and other videos released at the show.

UbiBlog, the editorial blog of Ubisoft.

*These hours are for France

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