Glasses that tell you how to get home, advertisements that know where you are looking and a T-shirt that knows how fast your heart is beating were on display at a huge tech gathering in Japan Tuesday.

The gadgets were all part of this year’s Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC), Asia’s largest electronics fair, just outside Tokyo.

Leading the pack was a tiny projection device that can be attached to a pair of glasses to give the wearer an ever-visible screen.

The prototype—dubbed Toshiba Glass and weighing 42 grams—might offer directions or a simultaneous translation, or could assist factory workers who need both hands free while working, a Toshiba researcher said.

“We still don’t know what wearable formats will be the most accepted in the future,” said Toshiba senior research scientist Yoshiyuki Kokojima.

“Constantly seeing a small screen may get tiring to the eyes, but you could get information without even lifting a finger. It’s less effort than consulting a wrist watch.”

Leading mobile carrier NTT Docomo was showcasing a T-shirt that uses a special textile to keep track of the wearer’s pulse.

The data is transmitted to a smartphone, which must run a specific app, the company said.

While Docomo’s offering might have concentrated on health, Fujitsu unveiled something to encourage a bit more relaxation, in the form of a device that could help a barman read his customers’ minds.

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