Come and share a festive atmosphere as in the Basque Area in south of France. Accordion, singing and dancing for you to dive into the land of our guest of honor Pierre Oteiza. The magician of Aldudes, thanks to his love of is country-side and his tenacity to let revived the breed of pig Kintoa in extinction. Succulent meats, sausage, jesus, ham Kintoa and many others will be there to welcome you to the sound of the accordion.

Come taste the dishes of Basque specialties prepared by chef Philippe Batton for this special evening, Piperade, Squid, Kintoa pork, rice Gachucha and the Basque cake. Not to mention the wines, Pacherenc du Vic Bihl and Irouleguy. Feel free to join us for this evening full of colors.
On Saturday, November 9th, from 19:00, the Petit Tonneau TORANOMON. Price: Y 6,000 per person tax (menu, drinks, service and taxes)

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