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The female rap crew “FAMM’IN,” formed by FAKY, FEMM and Yup’in will release their new song “animus” from Dazed in London

FAMM’IN was formed from FAKY, a four-girl dance/vocal group, FEMM, a mannequin dance/rap duo, and Yup’in, a singer-song writer. Their songs and videos are receiving high acclaim by the major media in Japan and overseas.

Working with AVC they held a show (live performance and music video shooting) called “Animusic Visualization feat. BRDG / FAMM’IN / HIDALI / K.K.H.U.” at the Live and Event Expo in Makuhari Messe last summer.

The video of that show was introduced as “Dazed premiere” from Dazed and Confused Magazine (Dazed), the popular culture media magazine in U.K.

Animus – Music Video

It is unusual to receive such acclaim from the headquarter of media in U.K. that has played such a significant role in music, fashion and video since the 90s.

The Dazed team visited the production of the AR project “I\I I I\I IE,” featuring FAMM’IN. They saw the video of “circle,” the theme song of the project, and spoke highly of it. So, the collaboration was a result of this meeting.

FAMM’IN always writes their own music and lyrics. Their unique and new style “Gagaku (Japanese traditional music) Trap” is highly acclaimed mainly overseas. “circle” has already been on-air on the collaboration program between Dazed and RADAR RADIO and they were introduced as “Supergroup!!” in the article.

“I\I I I\I IE” theme song “circle”

Animus is a masculine inner personality of the female unconscious according to Jung theory. This concept is reflected in this song’s track, lyrics, visual and styling.

The track is Gagaku Grime, the same as the last song. It was also co-produced by Radical Hardcore Clique, an up and coming dance music band (2DJ+Drums), who have been remixing for Diplo & NERVO.

AVC, who continues to suggest new creative video hardware, produced this 12 meter wide LED set. This unique piece of work is already like a stage, as it is surrounded by LED materials that can project high resolution images including cellings formed by beautiful curved elements and 6 columns that are symmetrically set.

The images were created by BRDG. BRDG is a much-talked-about group of image creators who’ve been holding “VRDG+H (sold out),” an event in the famous 3D hologram theater that fuses hologram images and music, and sponsoring other events as well. It regularly receives the “STAFF PIC” tag on “Vimeo,” which is unusual. The top creator of the team, Keijiro Takahashi joined the project this time and produced something the world cannot be described in words anymore.

Choreographed by HIDALI, a popular choreographer used by many artists (Missy Elliott,, created a very powerful dance performance with the seven members dancing to complicated choreography in different timing.

Creative direction was given by 2nd Function, the interactive music video pioneer. They motion captured the members and overlayed their movements with the virtual characters. The LED materials projects large characters created from 3D scans and models of the members. Female members and anima, bodies are male, those 2 different CG characters appear. They follow the motion-captured members.

By putting the virtual images on the real stage and actual members in the virtual LED place, the audience is immersed in the performance. It is a music video created from an archive of the show which was created to let people feel a new sensation.

Recorded the live show that provided an indescribable new sensation and sense of immersion for the audience. Moreover, by adding video that was shot without an audience, this music video is straddles borders, as if it was live or not, music video or not, real or virtual.

“animus” will be digitally released as a single all around the world on March 29th.


■FAKY Official Website

■FEMM Official Website

■Yup’in Official Website

■FAMM’IN official website

■ Release info.
Digital Single「animus」
29th March, 2017 Available

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