Held from August 11th to 13th 2017 in Tokyo Big Sight, Comiket (or Comic Market) is a bi-annual comic market and one of Japan’s biggest comic-related events. This event is focused on dojinshi, a self-published manga. The visitors can buy wide range of genres of manga from thousands of amateur and professional manga artists in Japan. Not only manga, the visitors can also found any publication such as music, films and software related to Japan.


Photo: www.tokyocheapo.com

This event is free of admission, but it’s better if you buy the event catalog to make your visit easier. For those who wants to cosplay, you are not allowed to wear the costumes outside Comiket. You have to change the costumes inside, in the dressing room and have to register and pay 1.000 yen per day. For the tourists wanting to take photo with cosplayer, please consider to ask them permission.


Photo: www.shizuda.com

Comiket is very crowded. It is recommended to come after 12.00 AM for the first-timer. You should be in a good health and dress accordingly. It could be very hot in the day. Comiket also provides International Desk to give information for the foreigners in English or other languages.

This event was firstly created in December 1975 with only 32 dojinshi circles and 600 visitors. Now, it is boasting more than 30.000 circles and 500.000 visitors per session.


Photo: otakumode

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Click here for the map)

Date and Time: August 11th to 13th, 2017 from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM


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