Curry is one of the most popular comfort foods in Japan. During lunch break, you shall see office workers queued outside the local curry restaurants eagerly waiting for their daily fix of curry.

Curry is served in three forms: Curry Udon/Ramen (udon or ramen noodles curry broth), Curry Bun (A pastry filled with curry) and most commonly Curry with Rice (complete with a variety of toppings).

Even though Osaka is famous for street food, it has its own hidden gems and delicious food destinations.

These are the top 3 local locations which I personally recommend trying if you’re in Osaka for Curry!

Hakugintei 白銀亭


Address: 〒541-0047 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Awajimachi, 4 Chome−4−12, ダイドーメゾン大阪御堂筋 1F

Google Maps Location Link

Price 750 JPY– 1350 JPY

Opening times

Monday to Friday – 11:30am – 4pm

Saturday  11:30am – 2pm

Sunday  Closed



Hakugintei is the god of Japanese curry as this restaurant specialises in both spice and taste! The curry itself is prepared from stewing beef for long periods of time to form a rich, thick texture. The curry tastes sweet when you first take a bite; tricking your taste buds into thinking that it’s rich and mild, but as you keep eating the spiciness creeps up on you! Your taste buds are attacked from both sides as the harmony of the sweetness and the spice creates a deliciousness that you won’t be able to resist.

Very satisfying to say the least, customer service is top notch as the owner is very friendly and most importantly, they have an English menu! On the menu there’s the plain curry (750 JPY) and 5 kinds of toppings. The toppings are raw egg (50 JPY), cheese (100 JPY), spinach (150 JPY), Pork cutlet (150 JPY), and fried shrimp (100 JPY for 1). Simple and you can combine them and make your own curry. The fried ingredients are fried after you order it, so they arrive crispy and fresh. There is a long line at lunch so be prepared to arrive their early or very late to avoid the long que times. This place is a must go if you’re a curry fanatic!

Jyoutou Curry上等カレー


Address: Curry restaurant chain around Osaka

Google Maps Location Link: All around Osaka

Price 650 JPY– 1350 JPY

Opening times

MondaySunday – 11:00am – 9pm



Self-proclaimed number 1 best curry in Japan, if not Osaka. They’re very confident to proclaim themselves the “best” in Japan however I can’t agree more as it’s at the top with Japan’s top contenders for curry. The spice level is mild but what makes this restaurant chain so unique is it’s sweet tasting mellow yellow curry which will not only gently stimulate your taste buds and send you to curry heaven all just from just one bite.

Plain curry rice only costs (550 JPY) with the usual additional toppings like fried pork cutlet or fried shrimp from (100 JPY). Menu selection may also vary between branches as each branch offers different vegetables and options depending on the location and each branch competes to become the number 1 in Japan. Also expect long wait times at lunch, but they’re open for longer hours.

Botani Curry ボタニカリー



Address: 4 Chome-5-3 Kawaramachi, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 541-0048

Google Maps Location Link

Price 800 JPY– 1450 JPY

Opening times

Monday to Saturday – 11:00am – 4pm

Sunday  Closed




Botani Curry is a restaurant that’s so popular it’s said to be one of the best of Osaka’s spicy curry places. The spicy curry and the colourful vegetables are wonderfully balanced, so you can enjoy a plate that seems like a work of art.

Top 3 Japanese Curry in Osaka

The menu has 3 kinds of keema curry on it: Botani curry (900 JPY), shrimp curry (800 JPY), and Pojo curry (800 JPY). The Botani curry, which shares the name of the restaurant, uses chicken as its base and has a perfect level of spiciness and herb fragrance. Your taste buds will be exotically pleasured by the sophisticated combination of spices and herbs contained within the dish. To find this restaurant, all you must do is follow the strong aroma of spice which will lead you into a discreet location at the corner of a building and after proceeding down the hallway, just follow the smell of curry, you cannot miss it!

If you’re looking to taste the best curry Osaka has to offer then I highly recommend these 3 locations to start off your curry tasting adventure! These curry restaurants are located in Osaka’s local business district and will often be free from other tourists, therefore the tastes are more geared towards the locals.

If you discover any other curry places during your journey in Japan, I would love to know!

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