“Prepare to enter the heart of the battle between the Evangelion units and the Angels”

This is the first Evangelion 4D attraction ever, featuring a fully original story that can only be seen in the Park and will be shown for a limited time at the Universal Studio Cinema 4-D theater attraction.

Guests will encounter Angels and witness fights between the Evangelion units and Angels from brand-new, novel angels. Moreover, 4-D special effects including bomb blasts, flashes, water spray, and vibration that shake guest’ seats will thrill all five senses. Guests will be drawn into the world of Evangelion by the extreme sense of being present at the center of these battles! The attraction closes with Hikaru Utada’s Beautiful World, further intensifying the sense of immersion.




“Life-sized Taitan appear, bringing back that shocking moment right before your eyes”

The awesome battle between the 15-meter-tall Eren Titan and the 14-meter-tall Female Titan is reproduced with overwhelming intensity and scale. From the same viewpoint as the Survey Corps, guests will view these two impressive Titans-approximately 10 times larger than a human, with shaggy hair and pulsing muscles-with their naked eyes while experiencing unimaginable thrills.




“Escape from the terror of zombie attacks”

With digital Player Pad terminals in hand, guests will be frightened by the threat of sudden zombie attacks inside a hugs television station building. They will deal with a wide range of traps as they count down to the time limit and work to solve multiple, detailed riddles. This new Real Escape Game must be taken on not only with intellectual power, but also courage, and allows guests to experience an ultimate sense of accomplishment with their friends.




“A life-sized Zinogre appears, shocking you with lightning!”

An ultra-electrified Zinogre, its whole body charged with electricity, will appear in the Park for the first time before guests. Set against a background of the Heavenly Mountains, the realistic electric shock rising from your feet will have to be felt to be believed. The entrance to the venue will also feature a life-sized Seregios-the main monster from Monster Hunter 4G and the biggest in the attraction’s history, at 12 meters tall-for the first time. Seregios will greet the guests with an overwhelming force and sense of life-like motion that makes it seem to have just come down from the sky. Also making its first appearance is Real Hunter Photo, where you can have your photo taken in front of Seregios while wielding an insect Glaive.

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